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Title  :  Huge round rocks in the Naizatau valley, Magystau
Huge round rocks in the Naizatau valley, Magystau
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Title  :  Fascinating Chalky World, Mangystau

Mangystau region is located in the southwest of Kazakhstan and occupies significant part of the Ustyurt Plateau.  The plateau has magnificent landscape zones of chalk which have been deeply sculpted by weathering and erosion. 
In September 2015, we set out on a road trip with a local guide, Dr. A.  We started from Aktau, the state capital, spent nights in small camping tent, and headed for the zone where located deep in the plateau.  It was around sunset time of the third day when we arrived at Bozzhira, zone of mountains and canyons.  All of us became speechless by the vast landscapes of chalk, and got fascinated by the splendor of twilight that covered the chalky mountains. 
​​​​​​​The chalky world of Mangystau provides severe environment for wild creatures, but it is a miraculous landscape that conveys the precious memory of the ancient Tethys Ocean to the present age.
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Photography by  Masakazu

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